Transformers toy guide

Many young (and not so young) adults today were bought up with Transformer Toys. There was nothing quite like it having, in effect, two toys in one, although quite obviously one of the options was always a robot. Through the years it became a trend to collect each character and the different versions of each that were released. The best version of the toy line for many including myself was the Transformers Generation 1 (G1) which is also the best place for those that intend to begin collecting as an investment or a hobby.


The reason for this is because the majority of the characters from Generation 1 are the ones that had made the biggest impact and to this day are still as effective. Who would have known when I was given Optimus Prime as a christmas gift at the age of 8 and without a care began bashing it into everything that stood in its way and Transforming it by accidently breaking the limbs off,  that over 20 years later it would become a great collectors piece with some value.


There are those that buy Transformer toys as an investment and those who buy them more as a hobby, sometimes both together. For the buyers who look at them as an investment the condition of the toys are the number 1 factor as this will always have an impact on future value. The toys bought for this purpose are generally kept in the box never or very rarely to be opened, if you can not resist taking a closer look at the toy be sure not to loose any parts and accessories it comes with or you will end up with a ‘near mint’ condition toy.


The original production numbers are also a huge factor in the value, it goes without saying that a limited edition piece rather than those that are mass produced are more sought after. A limited edition piece can be quite simply a commemorative issue or a small production run of a specific color even if it is the same toy as a mass produced item. They can also, in some cases, come complete with certificate of authenticity and are numbered accordingly such as 1/1000 for a limited run of 1000 toys.


In different parts of the world Transformer Toy characters have different names. This is mainly in the US, UK and Japan. As an example, in Japan, Optimus Prime was known as Convoy. Japan has many different names and also has different packaging. When looking into buying in this area of Transformers your collection can really begin to grow.


With the live action 2007 movie release and the sequal, Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, pricing and demand for Transformer toys and related merchandise will be expected to rise. Current collectors are on high alert for the new toys but if you are a would be collector there are many places online where you can take short cuts to find the best bargains and hard to find pieces whether it is the original Bumblebee,  Starscream or Megatron.