Transformers Starscream

As with all other characters in the Transformers series, Starscream has many different versions/variants/storyline from the many different series. We will  mostly talk about Starscream based on the 1st Generation character.


Starscream is basically a power-hungry character. It is no secret that he intends to topple Megatron for the Decepticon Leadership. He has, over the course of the series, at one point, held control over the Decepticons, (albeit a short span) but lost it as a consequence of his own actions. Starscream views Megatron's tactics of using brute destructive force to defeat the Autobots is not as effective as his belief in using guile and speed.

However, despite all this, Starscream would never act against conditions that are favourable for him. Still, when given the chance to strike out on his own, Starscream is equally successful as Megatron. Verbal and physical conflicts between the two are not uncommon and it usually ends up Starscream being humilatingly dismissed by his Leader. Starscream's threat is overlooked by Megatron who believes that Starscream's abilities are nothing compared to that his own.


Starscream acts as the Decepticon Air Commander – leading all the other Decepticon Seeker Jets. His transforms from robot mode to his alternate – an F-15 Eagle. He can reach heights of up to sub-orbital altitudes of 84 km (52) miles, reach speeds up to Mach 2.8 and nose-dive to ground level in a matter of minutes. He can launch two kinds of weaponry – cluster bombs and his signature weapon, the null ray which are all mounted  on  his arm ( under the wings in jet mode)


His favourite saying/motto is “Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies”. He remains one of the fans' favourite character and there have been many other variants – whether in storylines or even as a toy figure.