Decepticons, one of the two main groups in the fictional  Transformers universe series are the antagonists and evil side in the civil war which originated from their home in Cybertron Autobots. The civil war has since spread to other universes, including planet Earth.


The villains comes in many shapes, many sizes and different origins but in most of the incarnations, they are led by Megatron, a power hungry character that has a personal mission of killing the Autobot leader (again, in most incarnations) Optimus Prime. Decepticons generally have red eyes as opposed to the blue of the Autobots. In fact, all but one Decepticon have red eyes ( Decepticon Frenzy curiously has blue eyes).


Decepticons are loathed by the humans on planet earth. They (Decepticons) kill human beings mercilessly in the process of achieving their goals and consider the humans as “Insects” and “disgusting”. In the 2007 live-action film, Megatron, Bonecrusher, Blackout and Frenzy are seen disposing of or attempted to dispose of humans. The Decepticons would not hesitate to destroy the entire earth if the need arises and only the  heroic Autobots' intervention can prevent this.


Also based on  the 2007 live-action film, storyline, Megatron once ruled Cybertron together with Optimus Prime due to the life-giving All-Spark which kept both the Transformers and Cybertron alive. Subsequently, Megatron desired the All-Spark all for himself and formed an army for that purpose. A civil war soon erupted and spread to earth, where the All-Spark was said to be. Decepticons that are featured in the 2007 live-action film include Frenzy, Scorponok, Blackout, Starscream, Megatron, Brawl, Barricade and Bonecrusher.


Other Decepticons from other series and incarnations include Vortex, Soundwave, Galvatron, Blitzwing, Bombshell, Drag Strip, Divebomb, Devastator, Buzzsaw, Dead End and countless others all under the flag of the Evil Decepticons' forces.