Bumblebee Transformer History

Who can forget the Autobots''the little yellow bug' ? One of the main characters since Transformers Generation 1, Bumblebee is a small sized robot that was aYellow1952 Volkswagen Beetle (Bug) and later on, came to be known as Goldbug following a major rebuild by the Quintessons during the madness plague. In the comic(US) ongoing series, he has since changed the name back to Bumblebee. In Transformer 2007 Movie (Dreamworks), Bumblebee was portrayed first as a 1976 CAMARO and later on, changed to his alternate mode which is a sleek and stylish 2009 CHEVROLET CAMARO.

Bumblebee 77 Chevy Camaro 09 Concept Chevrolete Camaro

Bumblebee Transformer 77 Chevy Camaro   Bumblebee Chevrolete Camaro

His main function is in the field of espionage. His size and speed enables him to access roads and places that others cannot. He can also adapt well in water environments making him vital in undersea operations.

Bumblebee is often seen as a robot wanting to be accepted, and more importantly, respected by other fellow Autobots, most of which are taller than him. He idolizes Prowl and OptimusPrime especially the leader of the Autobots to a great extent.

This makes him often taking unnecessary risks and to the point of endangering himself. He is also known as the weakest of the Autobots and the most easily damaged. All this do not allow Bumblebee to participate much, if any in Autobots' battles with the evil Decepticons but used just mostly as a spy and messenger.

                     Bumblebee Transformer

Other than his role as a spy and messengerfor his fellow Autobots, Bumblebee's role was to serve and protect the young humans, whether in the comic, animated series or even in the movie. Among the many human names he is associated with are Buster and Spike.

Bumblebee's motto(s) are “The least likely can be the most dangerous” and “To know others you must know yourself first” which refers to his small but powerful self and understanding his abilities/weaknesses respectively.

Bumblebee Tribute Video

Bumblebee Beats Optimus Prime Video

Must see stop motion video of Bumblebee giving Optimus Prime a bit of a beating. VERY VERY clever video!!

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