Autobot Transformers

One of the two major groups in the Transformers universe, Autobots are the main protagonists, heroic and 'good' side in the Civil war that originated from the planet Cybertron against the 'evil' Decepticons but have since spread to other universes including planet Earth.



Autobots are humanoid robots that can transform (change shape in simple terms) into vehicles, machines and other mechanical objects. Although Autobots generally transform into civilian vehicles, there are also those that transform into aircraft and military vehicles.

Although generally outnumbered by their opposites the Decepticons, the Autobots have always had the humans'  military support as well as more places on Earth to fall back on while the Decepticons are generally loathed by the humans.


The Autobots are generally seen as the Protectors of the humans on earth, often saving them from the evils of the Decepticons. Along the way, the relationship between the Autobots and human race have almost become inseparable. There have been some prominent autobot-human relationships such as the one between Bumblebee and Sam Witwicky the 2007 live action movie directed by Michael Bay


The Autobots are lead by Optimus Prime, until his death at one point, which is a totally different subject. With each Autobot leader or Commader as referred to in some instances, lies the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, a strange talisman that was handed down by the leaders of Autobots since the beginning. Optimus Prime is a fearless leader, always on the path of justice and freedom seeking.


Among the many Autobots in the ranks are Autobot Jazz ( Mr.Cool and right-hand bot of Optimus Prime ), weapons speicialist, military startegist and an old friend of Optimus Prime's, Ironhide, Grimlock the leader of Dinobots, a subgroup of the Autobots, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Air Raid, Beachcomber, Broadside, First Aid, Fireflight and hundreds of others.

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